Behind Door Number 2…

I got a kooky idea.

I was thinking about my friends Dakota and Mulberry, who are just beginning yet another two week wait.  I wanted to somehow make it celebratory, rather than stressful.  I know.  You can’t just do that, as evidenced by the terrible “Have a Happy Period” commercials.  But still.

How about we make a TWW advent (w/o the religion for those who can live without it… with for those who can’t) calendar?  That way, the 14 odd days counting down could be a little fun.

Day one should have a feather.  Hope.  Hope is a thing with feathers.

Chocolate should be involved.  Perhaps something to protect one’s boobs from too much investigational prodding.

What do you think the other doors should have?



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9 responses to “Behind Door Number 2…

  1. You are such a total sweetheart! TWW Advent — hmm very creative. I really like the feather and chocolate idea and of course the boob protectors. Maybe dulce-de-leche too. A slinky? No too much. What else where you thinking about this? xxoD

  2. Perhaps behind one door, maybe for day twelve, it should just say “Wait. Don’t test yet. Take a deep breath and go to bed.”

    I like the slinky idea. That should be for day 7. You are half-way through and need to be distracted by something shiny. It will help if it is both shiny and makes a slinkity sound.

  3. Mad Libs?

    How about some sort of a scavenger hunt for day 10, in which the adventee eventually finds what seems to be a box of hpts, but instead houses a fun little diorama of a zen spa?

    Very very sweet idea, by the way!

  4. J

    Love it! We just entered our first TWW in what seems like forever!

  5. mkwewer

    Massage oil…so sex isn’t always about procreating…I like this…

  6. I wish I knew how to make a virtual one. I could post it, and people could open their virtual doors on their days and I’d change the presents from time to time.

  7. tbean

    Can one of the doors have lots of booze behind it???

  8. well, so far all that has been behind the first three doors has been coughs, sneezes, sick days and snotty tissues 😉 i love the idea of a virtual TTW/advent calendar… and as soon as i am feeling a bit better, we’d LOVE to see you and your little posse 🙂

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