The Facebook Status I Don’t Post

oneofhismoms is full of milk.

oneofhismoms is sore around the nipp1e region.

oneofhismoms is wishing she could have skipped all the post-partum body yucks.

oneofhismoms is empty of milk.

oneofhismoms is pumping.

oneofhismoms is pumping again.

oneofhismoms is thinkin that making milk is both very cool and a little spooky.

oneofhismoms is tired of washing bottles.

oneofhismoms is too busy washing bottles to blog anymore.

oneofhismoms is realizing that her back hurts a lot less now that she doesn’t have to carry the baby around all day.

oneofhismoms is missing carrying the baby around all day.

oneofhismoms is hearing a voice in her head.

oneofhismoms is all “HEY! STOP UPDATING STATUS IN MY HEAD!”

oneofhismoms is SHUT UUUPP.

oneofhismoms is banging her head against the table.

oneofhismoms is holding a bat up to the computer?

oneofhismoms is…. oneofhismoms?  Hello?



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7 responses to “The Facebook Status I Don’t Post

  1. HA! I’ve heard the facebook gods are not fond of “nipples” anyway…

  2. sn

    ohm is hysterical
    ohm is perfectly describing sn’s status as well

  3. hi.frickin.larious.

    i’m right there with you.

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