Where Can I Get a Bubble Pipe?

Who knew there’d be so much interest in my wheels?

It is a Xootr.  I love it.  It is better than a Razor because the board is nice and wide, so you can actually stand with both feet next to each other on the board and steer by leaning ever-so-slightly to one side.  It is also a fair bit pricier than a Razor, I think. It has a hand break, and I’m pretty sure the Razor does not. But way cheaper than a car.  It folds down small enough to fit in my closet at school.  It does not fold as small as the Razor.  The music teacher, the man I shamelessly copied in his scooterdom, actually scoots to school with his seven-year-old daughter standing in front of him.  Though it says to only ride with one person in the directions, I plan to have the same foolhardy reckless commute with my son when he (hopefully, don’t get me started) commutes to my school with me.

I don’t know if it is good on hills, because I’ve only ridden it back and forth to school.  I should try it around the park circle!

It has shaved down my commute.  It now takes me 2 less minutes to get to school.  That may seem insubstantial, but when one’s commute is only 7 minutes long, 2 minutes is huge.  Also consider the average teacher prep period of 45 minutes.  That day I had to run home and back, I had those four minutes of my prep.  A teacher worth her salt can get oodles done alone in her classroom in four minutes.  I think it is actually faster if there is a tail wind and slower against the wind.

I should remember to always wear gloves if scooting in 20 degree weather.  This morning my hands were almost frozen into handlebar semi-fists.

What else?  No, I don’t get tired.  I get pumped.  It is fun, so by the time I get to school, I have a little rush going on.  It is less work than walking.  This does make me think I’m missing some important exercise I used to get.  But I don’t much care.

I ride on the streets.  I don’t know if you’ve seen the sidewalks in Brooklyn, but one would need a 4X4 scooter to manage them without breaking one’s neck.  There is only one busy block, but it has a bike path.  The rest of the way is smooth sailing on not-much-traffic residential streets.

PS Lyn, WTF?  I don’t see any reason why you can’t ride a bike while TTC.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Co?  Cali?  What say you?



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4 responses to “Where Can I Get a Bubble Pipe?

  1. vee

    You’re SO cool! (Even if your hands are frozen purple).

  2. Again, it’s a great visual to think about!

    As for your friend Lyn not being able to ride a bike…nothing I’ve heard of unless she has a high risk pregnancy. I mean…ever go to Denmark or Holland…loads of pregnant women on bikes!

  3. starrhillgirl

    Ok, so I want one now.

  4. Lyn

    Oh! Thanks for the scooter details! If you had met my acupuncturist, you would understand why I couldn’t bike while TTC. She is very fierce (usually in a good way) and swore up and down that I should not bike while TTC, something about too much jiggling for implantation, my uterus already being in a not-so-great position, and also some business about certain points in my legs that would get messed up if I biked. It is always hard to tell if such things are hogwash, but considering she took me from mostly anovulatory with hideous irregular painful cycles, to semi-regular, ovulatory and not in much pain (and then to pregnant), it seemed reasonable to listen to her, however reluctantly.

    This is not to say I didn’t put up a bit of a fight. I put her off for a couple cycles, then talked her down to only avoiding the bike during the TWW. I also snuck in a 40 mile ride to the Cape during an off-cycle that we just won’t mention.

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