Geek On Wheels

Or: No. It Is Not Quite a Vespa.


Note the Michelain Man winter coat and clashing green backpack for full geek effect.

When I was in college, I wanted to become a professor so I could walk around campus wearing a man’s suit and smoking a pipe. If people were talking about me, they’d say, “You know, the one who always wears a man’s suit and smokes a pipe?”

As a second=grade teacher, I guess I had to find a different outlet for my fake eccentricity. Smoking a pipe probably wouldn’t fly with the principal. On Friday I forgot some important papers at home. The scooter allowed me to rush home, get the papers and get back to school in under 15 minutes. I wasn’t even tired!

I love it because it is fun. Who has a fun commute, I ask you? The only way I could have a more fun commute would be if I had a zip cord that took me to school. Now there’s a thought…



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12 responses to “Geek On Wheels

  1. sn

    good girl for wearing a helmet. i freak out every time i see a kiddo scooting by in one of those things without a helmet. i makes for a lot of freaking out.

  2. Two words:




    Nice job with the eccentricity. Very convincing!

  3. ha ha, no not a Vespa. However, we did have one of these when we lived in NYC and when C. rode it home on New Years Eve, she fell in the middle of 2nd Ave. She was ok. I think it’s hilarious.

  4. reproducinggenius

    That is just cute in a wonderfully geeky way. I love it.

  5. I will try not to scoot while intoxicated! Thanks, Sarah.

    I couldn’t get away with not wearing a helmet. Cakie would rake me over the coals for not being safe. I wonder where he picked that up?

  6. Lovely! Is that a Razer? I once wiped out on Second Avenue on one of those things..NOT fun! Way to go you for braving the streets with that thing. Do you go in the street or stay on the sidewalks?

  7. Hey, my lovely wife decided to tell my wiping out story above, I just noticed. Thanks, hon! Glad you remember, too!

  8. Lyn

    If I’m not mistaken, that is a Xootr. Ever since my acupuncturist banned me from biking while TTC (yes, I’m still a bit bitter), I’ve been wondering if I could get away with one of those (we don’t own a car, on purpose, and walking/subway is fine, but I miss my wheels). Do you ride on the street or sidewalk? I’m very familiar with proper biking protocol, but not so sure about the scooter.

    And if I’m right, and it is a Xootr, was it worth the price against, say, a razor that has smaller wheels?

  9. Wait! I need details! I -ahem – can’t ride a bike and I want to do something other than walk the 40 minutes to work. How is it on hills? Do you get tired? Tell me everything.

  10. Lo

    That is just too awesome. I wish I could ride one of those to my job. Ha ha. (Though I do have a coat that clashes with my backpack, does that count?)

  11. word to your mother(s)

    This is simply fabulous! You go, girl…

    Thanks for sharing and making my day a bit brighter.

  12. nelly

    this made my day!!!!!

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