Geek Alert!

I rode my scooter to work!

That’s right.

I’m a big old teacher lady in a green sleeping-bag-looking down coat riding a scooter to work.  And I’m not ashamed.

It was fun.  And what I need on this, my first week back at work, is some fun, dagnabit.



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4 responses to “Geek Alert!

  1. Thanks for making me chuckle so early in the morning! Wow, you weren’t kidding about the scooter. Will there be any related pictures in the near future?

  2. When we lived in NYC, C. coveted all scooters. Especially Vespas. Tease her and show pictures….

  3. alli k

    At least you’re not wearing a plaid jumper or a flannel nightgown under the green down comforter coat 🙂

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