Dear Trucker (5 months)

Dear Trucker,

Now I know what you want.  Sort of.  This month you finally started letting your wants be known.  The very first time you let us know what you wanted, you had been playing with Grandma.  I was out of the room.  When I came back, you got a little fussy.  Grandma passed you to me.  You turned with your whole body and stretched your arms out to Grandma.  Ok. Message received.

I gave you some banana yesterday.  I did it because you have been making us feel a little bad.  See, when Mommy and Mama and Cakie eat, you’ve been watching us with huge eyes and making eating motions with your lips and gums.  So we feel a little guilty for eating in front of you.  But when I gave you the banana, you made the funniest yuck face I had ever seen.  I’ll wait until you’re six months old.

Your hair is so long.  You look a bit like a rock star.  It is funny to look at pictures of you when you were just born, because your hair was short and spiky.   Now I need to keep combing it out of your face.

Mommy’s going back to work next week.  I have to go teach some other kids during the day.  But I’ll come get you from daycare as soon as I can.  In fact, I asked Mama for a grown-up scooter for Christmas, so I can get home from work really really fast and kiss you and feed you.  Even if I have to look like a weirdo grown-up on a scooter.  I’ll do it for you, babe.

Tomorrow is our last day as just Mommy and Trucker at home.  It is supposed to snow a lot.  Let’s watch it together.




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One response to “Dear Trucker (5 months)

  1. word to your mother(s)

    Well, if the scooter wish is granted, you’ll be one bad-ass bklyn mama. Watch out…you might start a new trend!

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