A Few More Words About Sleep

When I first became a parent, I made a little promise to myself. You see, parenting is so tricky and so personal. I decided to do my very best to not judge other parents based on their parenting choices. (Unless they are abusive. I’m a pretty good judge of the difference between abusive and maybe-not-the-way-I’d-do-it.)

People get very touchy about sleep. Perhaps because they are tired? Sometimes they tend to get a “this is what works” attitude. I did. I was such a Baby Whispererite. She really changed my quality of life. I thought everyone should do it.

After a few years, though, I’ve come to realize a few things. I think sleep success is not just about which technique a person chooses. It is a combination of things, namely, the personality of the baby, the personality of the parents, and the technique or lack thereof.

Some babies are the kind of babies who, if faced with a cry-it-out type regime, will fight a bit perhaps for a few nights, then give in and sleep. More headstrong or needy babies might not be the best candidates for such a program. Same goes for the parent. I have known ever since I became a mom that I am just not cut out for CIO (cry it out) sleep training. I’m way too much of a softie. I would give in, thus training my baby to fight sleep harder. But for some people and their babies, it is a fairly quick train. I also know I’m not cut-out for co-sleeping. Why? I never sleep. Both of my kids sleep like propellers. Plus they are too cute. Plus I could always end up smothering them or something (this is what happens in my own head. I’m not saying if you co-sleep you are putting your child in danger.) But for other folks, sharing the bed is glorious. I wish it were for me.

I have just a few words of assvice. If you choose to sleep train, make sure you really read and understand what you are choosing to do. Don’t do a half-assed job. Commit. If you don’t think you can commit, choose a different technique. Or make your partner, if you have one, do the work. That brings me to my second bit: come to a consensus with your partner. If you choose to train, find something you can both live with. If you don’t choose to sleep train, just make sure that your partner feels the same way. You both need the shut-eye.

With that, I’m off to slumberland myself. Good night.


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