one hand clapping

hi kids!

i haven’t been posting as much.  typing with one hand is tricky.  in the other hand i have the fruits of my ttc labor, asleep with a pacifier in his mouth.

i guess i have also exactly too much and too little to say.

i want to tell you about “when babies attack: the great face-eating trucker.”  I guess that’s self-explanatory.  my youngest son kisses like an inexperienced high school boy — while grabbing your hair.  thank god he doesn’t have teeth yet.  is that a whole post?  nah.

i want to drool over our upcoming president and stomp over prop 8.  neither is very original.  i think we’re all on the same page here.

am i starting to freak out about going back to work? (not for another month and a half, but still…)  yes.  yes I am.

i am just getting in a groove with being home.  i’ve just started to take those long walks through the park up to my old neighborhood that i’d envisioned myself taking all along.  i’ve just begun to hang out in cafes with other moms, eating over-priced criossants and debating about sleep training.  there isn’t even one little ounce of me that wishes i were teaching.  does that make me a bad teacher? nah.  it makes me a good mom.

so that’s it, folks: the sound of one hand clapping.

thanks for stopping by, anyway.

let me know if you have any post requests.  i’d love to cater to your reading needs.  what do you want to know about big city gay mom life with a newborn and a three-year-old?



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5 responses to “one hand clapping

  1. sn

    ooh, those very drooly kisses are the best.

    i’d love to hear all about your sleep training debates. i could think and talk about sleep every waking minute. that includes the 3 am, the 4 am, the 5 am and the 6 am waking minutes.

    i’ve been back at work for one month and one little ounce of me is happy about that. many many pounds of me want to be sitting on the couch holding my drooly monster.

  2. i LOVE that trucker is attacking you guys. I can’t imagine you are a bad teacher – and i know you are a good mom. I hope when you have to go back it feels like the right time.

  3. Your post never fail to remind me why I’m in this game. Thank you.

  4. Oh, Sarah! I didn’t mean that if you’re happy to go back to work that you’re not a good mom. I think you rock. It is more a statement about my utter lack of love for my job.

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