Dear Trucker (4 months)

My dearest Trucker,

You have finished your fourth trimester, as they say.  Now your eyes have opened wide.  Just now, you were almost asleep when your eyes caught sight of the racoon faces on your socks.  You could not tear yourself away.  They were too exciting to set aside for later examination.  You are reaching out to the world with your entire being.

Your hands have learned to grab and grab they do.  Mommy’s hair is now in ponytail lockdown mode.  She put away her pretty necklaces and dangly earrings for the time being.  She’s very soon to go out and buy some sturdier glasses.  Mama’s dreds are quickly turned into mountain climbing gear in your fists.  Yesterday you even grabbed your brother’s ear and tried to pull it off.  I could tell it hurt him, but he laughed anyway.  I think he was surprised at your strength and pleased that you chose to grab him.

You’ve also got some moves.  You are very very close to rolling over from your back to your belly.  Every time you get within an inch of a full roll, you swing your leg back and land firmly on your back again.  No rush, my son.  You will get it eventually.

You’ve fallen madly in love with trees.  When we go for a walk, I watch you watch them.  It is like seeing someone watch fireworks for the first time.  This alone makes me understand in some deep place that you are my son.   Mommy is a poet.  When she sees you see a tree, your eyes are a poem.

Here’s the best part: the world just got a little better.  I mean, I personally feel like the world is always getting better.  But this change is a big change.  We have elected a good man to lead our country.  Grandma did a lot of the work for it, so we’d all better give her a big thank you hug when we see her next. This man is calm and intelligent and when he speaks, people stop and listen and feel lifted up.  This good man will lead our country for much of your childhood.  I’m hoping he’ll be in office until you are at least eight years old. I’m so happy you will learn to walk and talk during a time when our country has a strong, caring leader who knows how to put a sentence together.  Our country is far from perfect, my son, but it has good bones. Mommy’s feeling pretty hopeful right now.

It is a sunny fall day.  I’m going to start some laundry and take you out for a walk. The trees are waiting.





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4 responses to “Dear Trucker (4 months)

  1. so now i’m all teary. at the workplace. your whole family is poetry.

  2. jay

    that was such a lovely post! i also am tearful! i hope you both enjoyed your walk xx

  3. Trucker, I wish I lived closer so I could share these precious moments and see the wonderment in your beautiful brown eyes.

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