Prop 8 Action! A Quick One

Let’s get our big gay butts in gear.

Here’s a first action we can take:

Action #2

Boycott Marriott and Mrs. Fields, both LDS businesses and let everyone know that you are doing it and why you are doing it.  As in, Heeeeey yooooou guuuuuys!  I’m boycotting Marriott and Mrs. Fields because they use their money to commit hateful acts against families like my own.  Please join me.  I’l start my own damn mall-based cookie company if I have to.

Action #3

Any and all web advertising concerning marriage, contact the vendor and tell them that you are not interested in their products until you can legally get married, at which time I will gleefully fork over much cash.  Maybe we should do the same for TV ads.  But how would this work?  Any thoughts?

Any other actions?



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3 responses to “Prop 8 Action! A Quick One

  1. And not just in CA – Florida, Arkansas and Arizona passed anti-gay initiatives as well. It’s terrifying. Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. I feel so helpless. I don’t go to Marriott and I don’t eat Mall cookies. Most of the vendors that do provide marriage services were on our side to begin with.
    My fear is that the big surge that can forward to vote for Obama in CA are the same people that were homophobic enough to vote against gay marriage. It’s what I’m reading in the media and it’s very troubling.
    You are looking at religion here and I’m not sure how to get the message to those people. I’m not sure the message would ever be heard.

  3. have you heard about this?

    i am considering trying to find peeps to work for me and using very scarce vacation time to go. i feel like i have to do something…

    thanks for posting this stuff…

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