Preschool Democracy (and the Post In Which Oneofhismoms Screams From the Rooftops)

This was the scene in the elevator when my honey and Gwen took Cakie and three-year-old  “Hymen” to vote on election day:

The doors opened on the third floor and in walked Bill.

Bill: Where are you guys going?

Cake: We gonna vlote!  We gonna vlote!

Hymen: We’re going on a boat.

Bill:  Really?  You’re going to vote?

Cake:  We gonna ROCK OBAMA! (Cracks up.)

Funny? Yes.  Clearly they have no idea what they were about to do, nor what they did.  Neither did I, really.  I was so obsessed with getting the lying liars out of office, I didn’t fully understand what a huge thing rocking Obama really was.  First of all, I did not realize what a constant, nagging feeling of anger and embarrassment I had about the leadership of my country until I knew that it was going to change.  I literally feel like I got to check my 50 lb backpack full of bricks at the door of the Obama club and dance to the new music.  I swear, even food tastes better now.  The trees are prettier.  People (at least in Brooklyn, I can’t vouch for Oklahoma) are happier.  Second, my boys.  I look at my bi-racial boys now, and know that if all goes well, the next eight years, a huge chunk of their childhood, will be a time when they can see someone who looks like them giving the state of the union address.  For them, this will be the norm.  This great man, this man with integrity and kindness and an amazing sense of calm will be who they see as a leader.  They won’t have to hear the contempt in my voice when I talk about our government that I’ve had for, oh eight years.  This will be important for my boys.  Mommy actually respects the persident.  Hmmm.

So they made the announcement at 11 pm.  We did a happy dance in the livingroom and screamed, “WE ROCKED OBAMA!!!”  About five minutes later, I googled Proposition 8.  [Insert sound of screeching brakes here.]  Yeah.  That.  And Florida… and what? Arizona?  So America…far far far from perfect.  But better.  Much better than it was a week ago.  I’ve been thinking about it.  I can sit around and feel hated and sad. Sure.  That’s productive.  I can seethe with fury for those strangers who actively fought to take rights away from other Americans.  That would get done what, exactly?  I…we?  need to look at this as a bump in the road.  This is a path toward civil rights.  A black diamond trail going uphill, sure.  But we’re a sprightly bunch.  We gays work out often, no?  And our country and more specifically DC is now flooding with blue. We just have to keep kicking ass.  That’s it.  Go ahead, bitches.  Kick us while we’re down. We won’t stay down.  We will never stay down.  Never.



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3 responses to “Preschool Democracy (and the Post In Which Oneofhismoms Screams From the Rooftops)

  1. starrhillgirl

    Well, I’m not so much for the working out, but I’m always game to kick some ass.
    And we sure are a sprightly bunch!

  2. To paraphrase a line from the movie Martian Child: We will never never never never never never never never never never never never quit.
    Rock rock on with ya bad baby boys!

  3. Co

    It is SO amazing. I get chills when I hear someone on t.v. say, “President-elect Obama.” It’s real. It happened. And it was a LANDSLIDE. How awesome is that? So awesome… for so many reasons.

    I, too, am disheartened about the anti-gay referendums. But we will continue to fight.

    I’m glad Cake got to rock Obama!

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