Too Nervous

So much is on the line today.  I can’t even see straight.

Since I can’t see straight, I certainly can’t write for myself.  So, go read my friend’s well-written election post.

And then go VOTE.

I want to hear your voting experience.  Let me know how it went.  I’ll send you a virtual ice cream and a virtual coffee if you vote.

Love, OHM



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4 responses to “Too Nervous

  1. mommytoo

    i voted this morning in my very progressive philadelphia neighborhood. my 7 month old wore his “o baby” onesie and got lots of attention. tons of people out and excited. i got free coffee at the polling place, but i’ll take my free ice cream please!

  2. Here’s mine: I walked the 200 feet to my polling place, waited for one other person to vote, wedged Trucker’s stroller into the booth with me, and 1-2-3 VOTE! I got more tingles and felt a little guilty at how easy it was for me.

  3. reproducinggenius

    I too had a very easy voting experience. We went to our polling place (about half a mile away), and walked right in. We both were finished and walking out the door with our “I voted” stickers within five minutes. Then we went out for breakfast, and later, we stood on our town square with “No on 8” signs and handing out Obama stickers to passersby. It was a lovely day, but I also felt a bit guilty about the ease with which I voted.

  4. suburban dyke

    We should try to fight Proposition 8 which takes away rights already granted.
    Please consider a boycott of Sundance, Utah and Mormons
    or donating money to the Northern California ACLU .
    I am not affiliated with either. I am just trying to make a difference. Thanks.

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