I have so much to say, but I feel paralyzed.

I feel like the good guys need to win this election by a huge landslide.  Not just win.  We need to stomp the vote.  We need to win so hard, nobody, NOBODY can question it.

I feel like the last two elections were stolen.  You get mugged twice, it kinda makes walking down that particular ally a little scary.

Today I was in my school, having lunch with my very favorite teachers.  (I’m not back to work until January, but I’ve been doing Monday lunches with my grrrls.)  Anyway, there was a voting machine there.  It was sealed closed with a little plastic tie.  I put my hand on it.  Just to feel it.  It sent tingles up my arm.


In summary, I am both too excited and too scared.  I really feel like I’m going to puke.  (Maybe it is the candy corn — 50% off!)

On top of everything, I just learned that Obama’s grandmother passed away.  Today of all days.  I just don’t even know how to wrap my head around that.

Vote, baby, vote.  Please.

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One response to “Tingles

  1. Living in Florida I have been working diligently on the campaign. The Republicans have been playing dirty. Surprise? One of the small, but annoying ploys used was to pull up all of the Obama signs. Last night at 2:00 AM in towns all of Florida campaign workers scurried about the roads and this morning driving to jury duty the streets were alive with Obama sign as if they had fallen from the skies. It did my heart good.
    Yesterday while canvassing and Republican took a picture of my license plate, my car, the doorknob hanger saying “Don’t forget to vote” which were being placed on doors of Democrats who don’t always vote. He told me he was going to report me because I had entered his development. So I may become a convicted of doorknob hanger.

    Let’s hope we are all celebrating tonight.

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