This Ought to Be Good…

My brother has a blog! Aaaaaaaah!

He’s funnier than I am with a more bizarre sense of humor.  I always thought he’d end up on Saturday Night Live, but this has yet to come to fruition.

His blog is also more mulitsensory than mine.  The lastest post includes his own person re-mix of “Safety Dance.”

Check it out.



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3 responses to “This Ought to Be Good…

  1. Lo

    Fix your link!! I figured this out, though, and the blog is crazy.

  2. Men without Hats. Oh those crazy Aussies. His mix is pretty decent!

  3. Sam

    Thanks Travelher! And thanks to the author of this blog for the sweet plug! The tune is doing pretty well so far. It’s been up for 53 hours and so far it’s been played 173 times – and Men Without Hats’ lawyer has yet to send me a Cease and Desist order. Success!

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