The IRL Project

I have a new project.

Like everything I’ve done thus far post-partum, I’m keeping it simple:  spend more time with people face-to-face.

When my honey was home with Cakie, I was often jealous of her cafe time.  I imagined her sitting in our one neighborhood cafe, chatting the days away with the baby gurgling on her lap. Of course she did meet our childbirth class friends once a week at the cafe.  Much of the time was spent calming screaming babies.  The rest of the week was more loosey goosey.  A lot of it was spent not putting Cakie down, because he just wouldn’t have it any other way.

What have I done with my first three months of childcare leave? Besides feed, change, burp, calm, repeat? Update my status on Facebook.  Blog.  Write. Watch people give birth on TV.  Not so much real-life interaction. I do go to a playgroup once a week with both kids. I LOVE it because I like the other moms.  But that is pretty much it.

The need for this project became clear when I actually got to go out for dinner with two close childless friends.  All I had to talk about was links about Sarah Palin I’d seen on Facebook.  It was pretty sad.

I’m doing a good job so far.  I’ve set up cafe dates with one of my friends from playgroup who has a new baby, while her older one is in pre-school.  I have also hung out with another playgroup friend who has eight-month-old twins.  I even got to hang with Co and Jo this week! I’ve actually sat in the cafe with the baby gurgling on my lap. But the best thing has been meeting three new bloggers IRL.

Meeting bloggers IRL is always weird.

A mix between a blind date and meeting a movie star.  Sort of.  I mean you know so much about each other, except you’ve never heard her voice before.  She doesn’t know my face.  She’s only seen my baby from the side of his head.  Both of you are secretly worried that the other one is going to be a wacko.  I haven’t met a wacko blogger yet.  I mean, I’m sure they exist.  I just think it might be obvious from the wacko’s blog.  Anyway, I happily got the meet travelher and H and L from babypants this week.  It was a pleasure all around.  Trucker sat on travelher’s lap and gave her baby mojo.  Cakie developed a crush on L and dubbed her both a princess and a queen.  He showed them both his forward roll.  I gave them socks, blankets and baby tee shirts. I felt like I already knew them.

I feel like even those of you who are lurking, I know.  I know you because you are listening to me.  You are such good listeners.  Though I can’t see your faces, and Trucker’s not sitting on your laps, I’m glad when I’m not with someone face-to-face, I can be with you — what?  Fingers to eyes?  Screen to screen?  Whatever.  I’m glad you’re out there, even when I can’t see your eyes.



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4 responses to “The IRL Project

  1. E

    getting out is really good! i used to try to do something everyday, but have not been successful lately…just last week i recommitted to getting out more and trying new playgroups.

    p.s. want to be facebook friends? look my up by my email.

  2. It was great to meet you–but I was never worried you were going to be a wacko!
    You were just as I’d imagined from your writing–wonderful, warm and witty!
    I’m glad you let me have some of that Trucker mojo, it really made my day!

  3. I enjoyed so very much being a princess and a queen. That really does not happen very often. It was so wonderful to meet you all. I keep thinking of trucker’s thighs and laughing. You all felt like old friends to us too..In my opinion it was a wonderful blind date and we hope to see you guys soon. Also I have taken that prospect park onesie out many times – just to look at it. Thank you.

  4. Co

    Jo and I had fun hanging with you, as well. It’s good to get out. I also liked that when I had a couple days home with Jo, I managed to find so many other great moms to hang with. And babes, of course, too. Can’t get enough of that Trucker. So cute.

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