What We Didn’t Know The First Time

Yesterday, my honey and I took a hookey day.

That is, she took a vacation day and we still sent Cakie to daycare and we took the baby clothes shopping (since he doesn’t know that he hates it yet.)  We both no longer fit into our old clothes.  Well, I threw mine away after I liked my friends’ hand-me-down maternity clothes better than my non-maternity clothes.  We had gone to the same outlet mall when Cakie was about the same age.  It was exhausting.  What we didn’t know then is that going to the mall with one baby when you are moms to a baby and a pre-schooler is like going to the mall with no kids.  Just ever-so-slightly more difficult.  Gosh, will the stroller fit in this dressing room? We didn’t know how easy it was.

We didn’t know that not only is it pretty easy for both of us to shower in the morning even though we have a baby; we can both shower and dress and feed a three-year-old even though we have a baby.

We didn’t know that while the baby was small enough to be worn, sleeping in a carrier, we should have been going out to eat and to movies as much as we possibly could.  Too late now.

We didn’t know we’d become such great friends with so many straight couples.  Not that we avoided them before.  We just spend a lot more time with them now.

I didn’t know that having two children would be not as hard as I’d thought.  Also, it is not as easy as I’d thought.

I didn’t know how much I would compare my experiences with both babies.  Cakie is the only other baby I’ve had.  So  I’m constantly thinking, Hmmm Cake didn’t grow out of this until he was at least six months old, or did Cake sleep this long during the day? I know not to compare them to each other in front of each other.  I know Trucker is his own person.  But I don’t know how to separate my experience of raising Trucker with my experience of raising Cakie.  They are both my babies.

I knew that staying at home would be more relaxing than working.  I find it hard to imagine many jobs more stressful than teaching.  But I didn’t realize that I would be so damn tired all the time.  So all my energy from not being as stressed-out is spent on simply staying awake.

I didn’t know how content two would make me feel.  We are a family of four.  We are complete.  I didn’t know I could love my honey more.  But I do.  And we didn’t know how much Cakie would appreciate having a little brother.  We didn’t know how much more love could fit into our apartment.  Now we do.



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3 responses to “What We Didn’t Know The First Time

  1. Kim

    Wow. How lovely. On all accounts. Good for all of you!

  2. The sweetness of this entire post made me smile. Thank you for sharing your happiness!

  3. amy

    so, so sweet! this is exactly how i imagine my life will be when our 2nd arrives…

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