A Few Words About Sleep

Cakie stumbled out of his room about 45 minutes after he started his nap.  He walked over to the ottoman, lay on his stomach, stuck his butt up in the air, and fell back asleep.  He’s still asleep on the ottoman two hours later.  Am I willing to wake him up in an effort to get him back in his bed? Hells no.  Trucker is also asleep in the livingroom.  He’s in the Snap and Go.  (Oooh!  Yet another benefit of this stroller!  It lulls babies to sleep.  Even those who hate their carseats.)  Having two sleeping boys is akin to winning some kind of mommy prize.  I made a quiche!  Now I get to blog!  Woo hoo!  I can even abuse some exclamation points in the process!!!

Last night Cakie had his first sleepover at another kid’s house.  Our very very wonderful friends had offered the sleepover as a “helping gift” at our shower.  Boy did we need help.  See, I sleep trained Cake at 6 months old using The Baby Whisperer.  (The author and the book are a little bit nuts, but it worked.)  He slept pretty much 7pm-6am for the following 1.5 years.  Ah.  The good old days.  Then we got his big boy bed.  We haven’t had a full night of sleep since.* Once he realized he could escape his room and come visit us, he has done so several times a night.  We (by we I mean my honey) put him right back in bed.  He still gets up several times a night.  Sigh.

Trucker, on the other hand, is a sleeper!  God love him.  Last night while Cakie was waking up our friends, Trucker slept from 9 pm to 11 pm when I came in and nursed him, essentially while he slept, and then he slept until 5 am!  He’s my hero.

The thing is, sleep becomes an all-consuming issue for parents.  It really comes down to the essentials once you have a baby, food (both in and out) and sleep kind of take over your lives.  Sleep is so tricky.  Everyone has different theories about what works and what will harm your kid for life.  People get very uppity about what worked for them, but that doesn’t mean it will work for your kid.  Or they act like you’re really going to pay the price later if you do one thing “wrong.”  The truth is, maybe you’ll pay the price later, maybe you won’t.  I always resisted the family bed, because I didn’t want to have to struggle to eventually get our son out of the bed and into his own.  I didn’t want to end up sharing a bed with an eleven-year-old.  Little did I know that we’d have that struggle without ever really having the family bed.  I still think part of me would love the family bed.  I do love waking up with the boy and getting all snuggly and happy to be with my family.  The truth is, Cakie sleeps like a propeller.  And when he’s in my bed, I don’t sleep.  I think even if we had a California King I still wouldn’t be able to sleep with him in the bed.  So it isn’t an option.

Sleep is very tricky, because it can be disrupted by the simplest things.  Take, for example, Mr. Ottoman over there.  It is almost 4 pm.  So even though I’m enjoying this quiet, two-sleeping-boys afternoon, I know I should probably wake him up.  On the other hand, maybe he needs the extra shut-eye from waking up my friends last night.  (They, at least, do have a king-sized bed.  Luckies.)  Oh.  He’s moving.  So’s the other one.  I guess I don’t need to ruminate over that question much longer! Gotta go.

*Not counting when my honey and I went away for a weekend while I was pregnant and Cakie stayed with my mom and brother —  for whom, I might add, he slept through the night.  And last night.



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6 responses to “A Few Words About Sleep

  1. Kim

    I have to admit your post scared me a little bit. I have an almost 3 year old son who has been the best sleeper alive since he was 8 weeks old (knock on wood, please don’t jinx…). He goes to bed at 8:00pm and sleeps until at least 6:30 or 7:00am everyday. I am pregnant with my second child and EVERYONE is telling me that he needs to get into a big boy bed before the baby comes. He is a small guy and fits just fine in his crib, and also makes no attempts to crawl out of it. He loves his crib. But apparently the “social stigma” of still being in a crib at 3 could scar him for life. But having just read about Cakie who was just like my boy UNTIL he moved into a big boy bed? Oy! Now I have no idea what to do. Do I leave him where he is? Or do I make the switch anyway? So confused…

  2. Leave him where he is. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Put in ear plugs for those other folks’ remarks. They’re just jealous.

  3. I’ve been thinking about this. Seriously. If your whole family is fine with it, don’t change anything. “Toddler beds” are just crib mattresses with a different bed frame, so I don’t understand what the “stigma” could be about. The only problem I forsee is that if you’re planning on using that same crib for your second baby, your son could associate the loss of his beloved crib with the coming of his sibling. So if you do keep him in the crib, just know that you’ll need to get a different crib for the other baby. Does that make sense? If Cakie hadn’t leaped out of his crib with the rail up, he’d still be in it!

  4. sn

    does trucker do this every night, or was last night a special gift to his moms? (don’t answer that if you know the answer will make me jealous).

    last night when i put her to sleep, i asked my daughter to follow her friend trucker’s example. and she slept from 10pm-4 am. that’s four uninterrupted hours! i’m so awake i don’t know what to do with myself. commenting on your blog is *not* what i should be doing.

    i love your new header btw. i read mostly by google reader, so i missed it. adorable.

  5. He’s done it about three times. But not last night. So, you don’t have to be too jealous. Tell baby S she did a good job. If she wants sleep advice straight from the Trucker’s mouth, she’s always welcome to come over and chat with him!

  6. sn

    um, that’s six, not four. so much for delirious manic comments at 4 am.

    i’m glad to hear the baby whisperer worked for you. another fabulous mom of a toddler friend used it too. we were so irritated (and defensive) about her commentary on well, comforting your baby that we couldn’t pay attention to her sleep tips.

    s. would love to hang out with Trucker. i’m bummed that i can’t be there–going back to work :p

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