We Interrupt This Stroller Review…

…to bring the breaking news that my lurker in Florida gave birth yesterday to a little baby girl. Yay!  Welcome baby D.

AND to just state that my biggest impression from tonight’s presidential debate is that I cannot believe these “undecided” voters could not bring themselves to have a latte or down a Re.d Bull before they went on national TV in front of two men, one of whom will be the next president of the US, and basically fell asleep. It’s called caffeine, people. I swear.  One woman in the front row was doing the subway nod.  One older guy in the middle was full-on alseep.  This election is catering to nimrods.  God help us.

You saw it, right?  Right, my friends?



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3 responses to “We Interrupt This Stroller Review…

  1. In their defense, that was one of the most boring presidential debates I’ve seen.

    Was it just me, or did Tom Brokaw seem rudely biased? He thanked McCain after every answer and laughed at his stupid “jokes,” while being downright frosty with Obama.

  2. Maybe that was his way of staying awake.

  3. Co

    I didn’t watch. I fell asleep with Jo at 8 p.m. after having stayed up late meeting a work deadline the night before.

    This morning, there was almost no coverage of the debates. This morning, Lo’s verdict was, “They said the same things they said at the last debate.” I am not sorry I missed it. It sounds pretty forgettable. Plus, I hate town hall style debates. Shouldn’t they have a “country hall” style debate since they’re not running for town government? The format strikes me as kind of weird for a presidential debate.

    And what is up with the undecided voters? Not just their lack of caffeine sense, either. The candidates have quite different takes on many things… for once. So, who are these people that can’t look at two platforms with clear differences and make a choice? Why on earth are they still undecided?

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