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I must be losing it, because I can’t even think of anything to blog about.  You know me.  I’m a blabbermouth.  Especially when it comes to talking about myself.

I am open to suggestions.  Somebody?  Anybody?

Maybe I’ll do a baby gear thing.  I know how the moms (especially the not pregnant ones) get a little obsessive about baby gear during the pregnancy and beyond.  A stroller review, perhaps?  I have four strollers in my foyer.  And my mom thought the foyer was wasted space!

Any other ideas?  This radio station is now taking requests.



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6 responses to “Mommy Brain

  1. alli k

    I love an honest, no-holds-barred stroller review. For anyone who cares, I bought the bee, and it had some great qualities, but turned out to be the worst baby gear purchase I have made to date. I also have a volo, which has limitations, but for ease of use, sturdiness, and getting through the airport, I would buy it again and again. I recently bought a bob. I don’t know it well enough to give it a final rating, but so far, I’m lovin’ it.

  2. Four? Why do you have four? You have two kids, right? I don’t get it. Enlighten me.

  3. Ah! Because you don’t have a stroller for each child. You have a stroller for each occasion/terrain. Plus, we’re a little crazy.

  4. sn

    oh, i have a baby gear question, wise and experienced one. what do you recommend for cold weather outerwear and pj’s? fleece bodysuit things? those zip-up baby dress/bags?

  5. alli k

    Four is actually not that many strollers for someone who has two kids. Stroller-satisfaction is dependent on many qualities, and it is not feasible to know which qualities will matter most to you until you are actually living the stroller dream. Or nightmare.

    Elaborating on the terrain point: imagine that you live in the city; that the sidewalks where you live are crap; that you occasionally escape the city to go to places where gravel, dirt and tree roots are the main paths; and that you also sometimes go on a plane with your child. Now, imagine that you bought something like Bugaboo Chameleon or the Stokke Xlpory. It’s great for everyday city living. You look good, you feel good, your bambino has a smooth ride. But what do you at the airport where you have to take your kid out of the stroller to get through security, get the stroller through security, and then taking the kid out of the stroller at the gate. And now imagine doing that (a) by yourself, (b) with more than one kid, and (c) lugging carseat(s) onto the plane. At that moment, you are really wishing you had some kind of durable stroller that did not require an entire routine to break down. And that’s just the beginning.

    On the outerwear question: that too, is personal, and depends on your kid and what you do with your kid outdoors. Last winter, living in New England, with a baby who was 3 – 6 months old at the time, I found that blankets were the way to go. My kid liked to kick them off, but you can easily adjust them when you go out/in, and they are easy to wash. When I had him in the baby carrier or was taking him to a very chilly Easter egg hunt, I found that the snowsuit worked well.

    A sidenote: yes, you need to make sure your baby is warm, but babies are individuals and not all of them need the large amount of insulation that one so often sees, even in a better-than-sub-arctic-climate. If your baby is sweating: perhaps s/he is TOO HOT. If your baby is cranky and is sweating/very-warm-to-the-touch, at least entertain the possibility that your baby may be too bundled up.

    On the PJs question: this really depends on how well your baby’s room is heated and what your baby’s individual base temperature is. In our house, the baby’s room is mysteriously un-heated (and un-cooled in the summer months). We keep meaning to have a professional look at it…. When he was very small, we used a space heater and did lots of swaddling. We tried the bag thing once and he didn’t seem to like it, but we have friends whose babies loved the bag. This winter, perhaps we will follow through with pro HVAC help. In the meantime, we are trying to get him used to wearing PJs plus socks.

  6. He he! Alli’s writing my post for me. I love friends, don’t you?

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