We Want the Chunk!

We gotta have some chunk.



Filed under my second son, Trucker

5 responses to “We Want the Chunk!

  1. Lo

    Oh, it’s been too long since I’ve seen him! He’s delicious!

  2. Nethermeade

    You don’t know how much good those pictures have done my work-addled brain. Delish. Can’t wait to squish his baby lusciousness.

  3. i love the second pic. is that a onesie??
    also, he looks like he may be dancing the hula.


  4. That’s not a onsie. That is a rare fancy outfit from baby g.ap. He does look like he’s doing the hula. But I like to think he’s got some funk. Ow.
    Note the several chins just above his right arm.

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