I Know You’re Bookish…

So why not stop by my other blog and enter to win a free parenting book?  I don’t know if the book is hetero-centric or not.   I do know that a bunch of you are already or soon-to-be or hoping-to-be-soon-to-be parents.  You just need to write in a comment about the best parenting advice you’ve ever received.  I don’t think you need to already be a parent to do that.  While you’re there, read some posts by me and my buds.  Not a lot of folks have entered, so your chances to win are unusually high.  Enter to win before 6 pm tonight. Winning stuff is fun.  Good luck, chicas!

Congrats to babypants on their BF(ghostly but very very real)P!  Woooo Hoooey!


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One response to “I Know You’re Bookish…

  1. Thank you for your congratulations – It means so very much to us both.

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