In Defense of the Cake Man

My mom said I made Cakie sound really bad.

That was not my intent. He is, and will always be, a really good guy.

His behavior on vacation was just waaaay out of the norm for him. He didn’t even throw any tantrums. We did not need to call Nanny Jo. His head was not spinning around and he did not speak Latin backwards.

not cakie!

Not cakie!

He did, however, test us pretty much every time we opened our mouths. This is very unCakelike indeed.

Now that I’ve had some time to reflect on it, I think a huge number of circumstances all combined to make him testy. I’ve had both boys home with me this week since daycare is closed (I’ve been sending Cakie to daycare while I’ve been home to give Trucker one-on-one attention.) I thought it would be difficult but Cake has been very well-behaved.

I realized at some point that while we were on vacation, Cakie’s sugar intake had increased dramatically. He had a lot more people around him than usual. He was in a strange house in a strange town. And, er, we didn’t really have much sleep so I’m sure we looked to him like our heads were spinning around and we were speaking Latin backwards.

My mom gave me a few discipline pointers and my honey and I started a tough-love no-second chance regime. He’s almost back to normal. (Me, too!)


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