Gory Vacation Details

Actually, the vacation wasn’t all that bad. Here are some things that went wrong, and a few that went right.


  • Cakie turned into a limit-testing maniac. Other people were there to watch as we tried to learn how to deal with our new son (not the newborn one, the shape-shifting three-year-old throwing things across the room and talking back like a teenager.)
  • The town where mom’s vacation club dropped us was a Hassidic vacationland. My big old gay, bi-racial family felt a little like fish out of water. It would sort of be like if a Hassidic family’s vacation club set them up with a week in P-Town during the white party or a drag event.
  • The lovely house had a creek running through the backyard. The bank of the creek had a sheer eight-foot drop to the rocks below. So, even though we were in a house with a yard, our son could not run around alone exploring nature. We may as well have been in an apartment.
  • We didn’t get much sleep.
  • I had thought it would be great having my mom and brother around to deflect the kid/baby work, but I ended up feeling guilty for handing the baby/kid over so often. I’m sure grandma and uncle enjoyed every minute (or most of the minutes) of it, but I still felt bad.
  • Cakie had a bunk bed. My poor mom had to sleep on the top bunk all week. The bed kept breaking, with the slats falling out and making a loud noise, but nobody crashing to the floor or on top of anyone else.
  • There appeared to only be four towels for six people.
  • Very limited internet access. 😦
  • Aside from the public pool, all of the fun places to go were a car ride away. It took me several hours each morning before I could get my whole family into the car, by the time we were in the car, Cakie was ready for a nap.


  • The house really was lovely, though it could have used a thorough cleaning.
  • The house had a very nice porch upon which we spent many hours watching the trees and people on the street.
  • I grilled on a barbeque for the first time myself. Now I know why it is a favorite past-time of butch dykes ’round the world. The flames licking one’s wrists make it feel very adventurous. I made some very tasty corn on the cob and some over-done burgers.
  • The one day I tried to go on a hike, we ended up driving half-way up the mountain. The views were lovely, as if we actually had hiked somewhere. We ate our picnic lunch and drove home in time for Cake’s nap.
  • They had a cute lake nearby with a “beach” on it. It was no ocean, but we enjoyed it.
  • The whole family went out to eat at a great restaurant that was both fancy AND family-friendly in a way that I have yet to encounter within the city limits of New York.
  • I got to read more than three pages of my book.
  • We had a washer-dryer!
  • I ate lots of bacon.
  • No mosquitoes. And it wasn’t very hot there.
  • I do love being with my family, even when we are a little stressed-out.
  • Trucker and I figured out the breastfeeding thing! I mean, we really got it down. We deserve a diploma or something. (The girls still hurt a little, but they are so uppity at their recent success, that they don’t even feel it.)

When we packed up to leave, I felt a little sad. But when we walked back into our house I was elated.


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  1. Co

    Sorry it was a rough vacation, but glad it had some upsides.

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