How’s My Hair?

Trucker looks very different from me.  A few things are the same.  We both have long torsos and long fingers and long toes.  That’s about it.  I thought.  Then my mom came up to take care of me and my family for two weeks after my honey went back to work.  She took a picture of a picture of me as a newborn.  Check out that hair!  That’s Trucker’s hair.  We have the exact same hair, except mine was red and his is brown.

Look how fly my mom was.  Yeah, that was back when they still lived in Brooklyn in the brownstone they owned.  Which is worth 2 million dollars today… if they hadn’t sold it… I digress.  One of you requested that I still send shots of Trucker’s hair.  Luckily, my mom also sent me this:



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5 responses to “How’s My Hair?

  1. His hair is so lovely. I for one think his head looks quite kissable.

  2. amy

    his head of hair is incredible! i don’t think ryan had that much hair until she was 2 ; )

  3. jay

    that is a LOT of lovely hair.

  4. Sweet! K’s family had an amazing brownstone in Park Slope that they sold in the early 80’s, so I hear your pain. It sucks!

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