The Deep End and the Shallow End

I do a lot of things that seem deep.

That makes me feel good. Really, though, most of them have shallow, or merely pragmatic motivations. Of course the deep motivations come in to play in a big way. But the shallow plays a major role as well. I present to you the deep end and shallow end of some of my choices.


Deep — far better for the environment than disposables

Shallow — OMG! The little g pants are so cute! Less effort than cloth diapers, yet less enviro-guilt than the less biodegradable disposable types. But I really just like them because the pants are cute. And baby gets that cloth diaper booty I adore w/o all that extra laundry.


Deep — the best food for baby. helps create a strong mother/baby bond.

Shallow — why would I pay for something I can make myself?

Bottles? I’m not washing/carrying bottles until I have to.

Have you ever tasted formula? Don’t. Just don’t.

The Prius I Wish I could Buy

Deep — Better for the environment than a non-hybrid car. Not better than no car at all. (New Yorkers actually have that option.)

Shallow — I would so not have to shell out much money for gas. I could still have a car with less enviro-guilt. Cool.


Deep — If you could make the difference in the life of one child… yadda yadda.

Shallow — Hello? You there! The one working in August. Yes, you. You should become a teacher. You can make a difference in the life of a child AND think about it while sitting on the empty beach on a Wednesday in August!


Deep — Creates strong connection with child. Makes child feel secure and trusting of parents.

Shallow — Waaaaaay easier to use on public transportation than a stupid stroller. Waaaaaay easier to navigate around the tiny stores of NYC than a stupid stroller. Two hands! A mom who wears her baby can calm the baby and still have two hands. Woo hoo.

That’s all for now.

I’m sure I’m shallow in many other deep-seeming ways. Perhaps I’ll write a part 2, when I think of more. Can you think of any of your own?



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4 responses to “The Deep End and the Shallow End

  1. That is one cute baby butt in that G!

  2. nelly

    baby self-feeding solids

    deep: you know baby is ready for solids when showing all the “readiness” cues, including able to pick up food (pincer grasp), delaying solids past 6 mos decreases chances for allergies and means they’re getting just brea$tmilk that much longer

    shallow: you don’t have puree anything! you don’t have to buy bland and expensive baby food! you can eat your dinner while your baby eats his!

    i love this game!

  3. I am happy to hear you like the gdiapers. I have an (obsessive) list of things that I would want when we have a baby and g’s are at the top of the list. When did you start using them because I have heard they are not well sized for newborns, is that true?
    Deep: supporting a local farmer is important, using less fossil fuel to transport the food is good for the earth, and being part of community is a real good thing

    Shallow: I like not having to go to any of the crappy stores in our nieghborhood for groceries, I pick up the majority of our food only one block away, and I don’t feel like I am in NYC.

  4. Park Slope Food Coop

    Deep– see CSA (above)

    Shallow — It is sooo much cheaper than anywhere else. Good organic produce is a rare and over-priced thing in the local grocery stores. And on my work shift I get to spend two whole hours chatting with other adults with no children in sight, while learning about fancy cheeses.

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