Trucker by Proxy (edited)

People keep asking for more pictures of Trucker. But I just don’t plan on posting pictures of my kid. I expose myself a lot on this blog, even though I am anonymous. I don’t think it is fair to expose them when they can’t even give me their permission. This is not to pass judgement on those who do. I especially enjoy watching my bloggy baby friends grow up. Between you and me, there probably would be more pictures of him on the blog if I were partnered with a less-private woman. But she’s a private woman who brings me a black and white milkshake when I’m in labor, so I’m sticking to my no-more-photos guns. Just look at the old ones and imagine him getting exponentially cuter with each passing day. Also, for another verbal description, check out my mom’s new blog post. (Yeah, that’s Trucker’s needs-a-good-nail-clipping hand in her header, too.) It was lots of work getting her back up on wordpress while she visited, so I’d love her to get a few hits for our efforts. Gracias.

Sooooo… I will give you a proxy shot. Nelly ran into my friend Jerry at the food coop shortly after Trucker was born. They apparently had a heated discussion about which movie character he reminded them of. She promptly sent me this picture when they came to an agreement.

Apparently, my baby looks like Rufio, a lost boy from the movie Hook:



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3 responses to “Trucker by Proxy (edited)

  1. Your mom sounds adorable! Did she just leak his name to the internets….?

  2. Nah, she just gave him a different blog name. I guess “Trucker” is not her style.

  3. Eva

    That picture is a great substitute for a real picture of Trucker. Good for you.

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