Cakie Talk, Big Brother Style

We did a pretty good job preparing Cakie for becoming a big brother.  At least emotionally.  He loves the little dickens.  He loves him hard.  I often have to intercept before Trucker becomes suffucated by Cakie love.  Here are some things he has said:

When we arrived home from the hospital with Trucker, I foolishly expected Cakie to run to us yelling, “Mommy!  Mama!”  Instead he ran to his brother, yelling his brother’s name.  His uncle took a video of the moment, which I got to watch later.  My son is leaning in to the baby, singing a song to the tune of that big purple dinosaur’s “I Love You” song.  His version consisted entirely of the baby’s name, I love yous, and ended with a rousing dancing on the Trucker!  It went a little something like this: Trucker, Tru-cker, Truck-er Truckeeeeer I love you my little Trucker, with a Trucker Trucker, dancing on the Trucker Trucker er er er er eeeeerrrrrr!

Here’s some other sound bites from my son’s first week as a big brother:

I really like Trucker.  I really like he.

He’s so sweet. (Pause.) He’s YUMMY!

He wants to drink mommy.  Mommy, he wants to drink you.
This one happens often if someone else tries to pick the baby up:

Hey! Dat my baby brother.  Dat my brother!
He was sitting next to my honey and he wanted to hold the baby.  Then he didn’t want to hold the baby.  A said, “Are you nervous that the baby will cry?  Because babies cry a lot.  It’s ok.”  He replied, “I don’t want to be nervous.”  And made it clear that he was not going to hold the baby just yet.

He likes me!
No teeth! No teeth!  Babies have no teeth!  Just a mouth and a tongue.

I’m sure I’ll get a bunch more.  We had only one moment so far in which he said, “I don’t want he.”  But that moment passed and has yet to return.

BTW– I give up on Smiles as a blog name.  It doesn’t stick.  He’s Trucker.  Just Trucker.  What a long strange trip it’s been…



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11 responses to “Cakie Talk, Big Brother Style

  1. alli k

    As Jamie said to me just yesterday, “Cake is a cool dude.”

  2. amy

    absolutely adorable! i can’t wait to hear what our little girl has to say about her little sibling. that’s one of the biggest things i’m looking forward to! how fun!

  3. Aw, what a sweet big brother he is!

  4. reproducinggenius

    Oh my gosh, that made me laugh and cry all at once. What a lovely–and fun–family you have.

  5. Mommy he want to drink you is hysterical. I am fond of trucker, I am glad you are staying with that nickname.

  6. sn

    so sweet! when i was a two year-old new big sibling, i requested that my parents put my sister in the garbage can and step on her. cakie beats that by far. i love that trucker wants to drink you. hope the drinking is going well; good luck!

  7. Eva

    How adorable. I’m glad that Cakie is accepting and totally into his younger brother. That’s awesome.

  8. xin

    I think you guys have taught Cakie well! Trucker is the cutest thing!

  9. i like Trucker as his name… its such a rock-n-roll name, and with that spikey hair… well, i think it fits him well!!!

    and that Cakie. oh dear gawd. the cuteness is almost unbearable. i read this yesterday and it took me this long to untangle from the cute/sweetness that is Cakie, Big Brother Extraordinaire. its awesome you are writing these cute things down… i am sure both Cakie and Trucker will like hearing them when they are bigger…


  10. Oh, I forgot one! When my friend picked Cakie up from daycare the day we went to the birthing center to have Trucker, she told him Mommy and Mama were going to bring home his little brother the next day. His response?


  11. Cakie is too cute! What a wonderful big bro!

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