Every time I try to post, something stops me. By something, I mean this guy…

That’s him fresh out of the oven. He was a little puffy from the speedy journey. Here he is after a few days of cutening up time:

Last but not least… what might rival in cool baby wear the Morrissey onsie? This shirt from my buddy lifebelowtheline. Under the picture is says, “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.”

Here’s the thing. I try to keep the blog anonymous because even though I write about my lady parts and whatnot, I am a rather private person. That said, my children are not really in the position to give me permission to post pictures of them on the internet. So I don’t plan on doing it on a regular basis. Enjoy these. I couldn’t very well blog for a year about trying to make this guy and not share his beautiful mug and punk rock hair with you.



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29 responses to “Trucker

  1. ohhh man. what a handsome little dude. LOVE the rock-n-roll hair!!! thanks for sharing his cute lil newborn face with us…

    now, back to snuggling the new baby for you!

  2. amy

    WOW! he is absolutely gorgeous! What a great head of hair and his lips couldn’t be any more perfect. Thanks for sharing, i hope his big brother is adjusting well…

  3. Thank you for sharing the pictures. He is really quite a looker and his hair is fabulous. I hope you all are doing really well.

  4. He’s bee-yoo-tee-ful!


  5. sn

    so luscious! thanks!

  6. Lo

    Oh, he is truly delicious.

    and that hair…so destined for greatness.

  8. Oh his cheeks are so kissable and squishable! Love that rocker-boy hair. He’s adorable. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. he is just lovely! love the top. thanks for sharing,

  10. Co

    Abso-freaking-lutely adorable!!!!!

  11. thank you for posting these – he’s such a cutie – and i love the hair!!!! wow!

  12. alli k

    Arnold and I are taken aback that you posted full photos. Nonetheless, we were very happy to see them. Can’t wait to see the little guy up close.

  13. Lynn Cameron

    What a little beauty! Thanks for sharing. Lucky you!

  14. reproducinggenius

    Oh, he’s so cute–way cuter–and far more punk rock–than Sid Vicious ever was. Thanks so much for sharing him with us!

  15. R

    Just beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Just once, Alli. Just once. From here on out it is hands, arms, the back of a head and feet. I figure, the blog is anonymous. And newborns… let’s face it… they look pretty anonymous, too.

  17. I want that hair.

    He’s just delicious.

    Kisses and kudos mama.

  18. nelly

    the hair, the hair!!! we love trucker!

  19. Umm, wow. That kid is fucking cute.

  20. What a beautiful little boy!


    Awesome job to both moms. You make some really pretty kiddos!

    Congrats Cakie on being a big brother.

  21. mer

    He’s a beaut! I love the pics. Thanks for sharing.

  22. rosany

    He is an absolutely beautiful baby. Congratulations.


  23. “From here on out it is hands, arms, the back of a head and feet.”

    just make sure the spikey-hair is in there, ok?
    he is sooo adorable… (came back to look at him again)

  24. just look at all his HAIR! beauteous little faux-hawk he’s got going on there!

  25. He is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing the pictures!

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