Sorry for the Delay

I have a confession to make.

I haven’t uploaded the pictures to post for you yet because I needed to figure out how to get them on the computer without my birth pictures coming on my screen saver.  The birth photos are for private and select audiences, only.   We don’t need my hooo haa popping up on the screen while the sweet old lady from downstairs is visiting the baby.  So I finally figured that out.  Now I just need to find the damn uploading camera cord.

I am mentally writing the Cakie-talk post and I’ll put it up soon. Oh, and I’ve had a baby on the b00b about every ten minutes.  So that has been kind of holding me up as well.

Good things come to those who wait.



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2 responses to “Sorry for the Delay

  1. Ava

    Can’t wait to see your little one. I love your blog and read it daily, so I am anxiously anticipating more of your whimsical words and reflections. Bring it on!!!! And please tell Cakie to bring it on as well!!!! Hope you’re having lots of fun.

  2. Eva

    Take your time. Enjoy the babe on your boob.

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