Things I Did That Aren’t On the List:

  • Ate 1/4 of a pint of Cookies and Cream ice cream
  • Cooked pizza with my son, opened “Cake’s Restaurant”
  • Taught Cakie how to make my iced raspberry leaf tea/Recharge cocktail using the big tea ball I bought at the co-op today — a skill every man needs!
  • Did all the Cakie fun stuff while my honey went out for drinks with some co-workers.  The co-mom needs some me-time before the newborn arrives, too!
  • Watched and criticized several episodes of “A C-Section Story,”  er, I mean “A Baby Story.”  I’m so high and  mighty.  But listen, I do know full-well that it can and might happen to me.  And I’ve said it before, if it is necessary, I’ll be glad I had the option.  It better be freaking necessary, is all I’m saying.
  • Took a long nap…but not really long enough
  • Helped my brother revise and edit his resume and cover letter
  • I made my birthing playlist of the songs I didn’t need to buy, the ones already in my library. I tried to buy one song (I think I’m going to buy all the songs requested by the IVP.  So you’ll kinda be there with me.)  Of course what happened every time I try to buy things on the internet happened again.  I spent an hour trying to retrieve several passwords which I have forgotten and eventually gave up.  There’s a problem with the playlist.  The songs that don’t make me laugh make me cry.  And I’m not even in labor yet.
  • Told at least 20 people that I’m not in labor yet. (Not including you guys.)
  • Printed out driving directions to the hospital for whomever ends up driving us.
  • Went to bed early… oh wait.  I didn’t do that yet.  I’m going to do that right now.


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3 responses to “Things I Did That Aren’t On the List:

  1. I already told you tomorrow is the day, at least, that’s the day I picked in the birthing pool. Hang in there. xo

  2. wait for us to catch up to you, gosh darnit!!

  3. Lo

    C made a bunch of awesome labor CDs, but then skipped right to active labor and was in no mood for music. I’ll ask her if she has any recs, though.

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