TMI: My Belly Button’s Purpose

Ok, I warned you about the TMI, but this is so funny, I have to share.

Don’t tell my girlfriend I blogged about this.  She’s way too prissy. Shhh. (That means you, Gwen!)

You know how my belly button sticks out?  Like a button?

It doesn’t always.  When I pee, as I pee, it sloooooowly goes back in.  It is like the gas gauge on the dashboard that is my belly.  Full=outy, empty=almost-inny.

I laugh every time.



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5 responses to “TMI: My Belly Button’s Purpose

  1. amy

    that’s pretty funny!

    stillllll pregnant? : )

  2. Love it! I can’t see my belly button right now, but I’ll feel it the next time I have to pee (which should be in about fifteen seconds) and see if this holds true for me too. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. reproducinggenius

    That’s hilarious.

    Thank you for your comments over on my blog by the way. It does help to have some rational thought to hold onto now and then.

  4. Hee! That’s awesome.

    If my belly button went any more in, it would be an outie on my back.

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