Buckets of Babies!

We need to change the name of our preg-lez (well, officially mommies-to-be) group. I woke up this morning to two exciting emails. Two more babies arrived in the world this past weekend. That makes four new lesbian moms in the world. All-in-all, I’m pretty sure all of the women in the core group that has been meeting for the past six or seven months are now moms to newborns, except me. Last meeting, a few newbies showed up. But since the first one I went to, we’ve had one boy, a pair of twin girls, another girl and another boy. Five more two-mommed kids in the world! I’m so excited that these women are joining me in the crazy trip that is motherhood. I’m glad they can only use one hand and shave one leg and sleep one hour at a time. The first three months is like hazing. They are all going to be kick-ass moms. In fact, they already are.

I especially want to tip my hat to sn, who had her baby three days ago. She actually commented on my blog while she was in labor. And she just did it again with a 3-day-old little pumpkin in the house. Now that’s a dedicated reader. You make my head big, girl.

She and her partner knew the sex of the baby, but wouldn’t tell anyone. I knew it had to be a girl and that they were trying to avoid the flood of pink ribbons and fluff. But wait? What’s that? Look up, ladies! It is a pink tidal wave heading right for your apartment. Run! You can’t stop the pink. I wish you could, but you can’t. But I promise not to get you anything pink, ok?

My boy dilly-dallies. You can tell if you read the TTC portion of my archives. He just doesn’t mind making people wait. I’ll be 39 weeks tomorrow. I don’t mind waiting to at most a few days after my due date — July 11. I won’t, however, stand for being “risked-out” of the birthing center because of their silly, arbitrary un-research-based rule about only birthing there up to one week past my due date. And I won’t be induced. On the flip side, I kind of hope I don’t need to be trying to get to a mid-town hospital from Brooklyn on the fourth of July. So if you don’t come today, please wait until Saturday.

I can’t wait to squish all the new baby cheeks in my lesbian family! XXXOOOOXXX!


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4 responses to “Buckets of Babies!

  1. Doh! I forgot the very first baby. But his mom only came to one meeting (that I attended) before she gave birth.

  2. Girl, when are you going to pop? xo

  3. sn

    shoot, you deserve a big head! your writing perfectly captures a lot of what i’ve experienced throughout my pregnancy, and it’s been very fun to go through something only to have you write about it.

    case in point: we are suffocating in an avalanche of pink. perhaps trucker would like a velour pink blanket with our daughter’s name embroidered on it? pink tights?

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