I Guess I Don’t look Pregnant From Behind

This is the hands-down funniest “you don’t even look pregnant from behind” comment I have received of date. I was walking to my midwife appointment in Manhattan. I was happily wearing a pretty summer tank dress and I guess doing a walk, more than a waddle. A car pulled up slowly behind me and I started to hear a very long smooching sound coming from the driver-side window. As the smoocher/innocent-walking-down-the-street-in-a-summer-dress-red-headed-

woman-harrasser got closer to my front and saw my 9 month-pregnant belly…

The look on his face — oh, it was priceless. Priceless! I wish you could have seen it.

PS Yay, yay and yay!!!!



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6 responses to “I Guess I Don’t look Pregnant From Behind

  1. I love it! I wish I could’ve seen that.

  2. Co

    That’s SO funny!

    It reminds me of a story my GM used to tel. My GM apparently still had a really nice set of gams when she was 60. She was walking down the street once and a man in a convertible saw her from behind and whistled and made some comment about her sexy legs. When he drove far enough to see her face — and realized she was old enough to be his grandmother — he said, “I’m so sorry, ma’am”, blushing the whole time. My GM loved to tell that story.

  3. That’s awesome! Kudos to you and your ass.

  4. amy

    that’s hysterical! what a fantastic compliment!

  5. i bet he will think twice about cat calling out a window the next time! poor guy. he made a complete ass out of himself. please tell me you laughed at him.

  6. I wish I could have seen his face. So funny. I hope it does make him pause next time he thinks he wants to cat call. I always think to myself – what do you actually think is going to happen. That I am going to get in your car and have sex with you? Cat calling is not really an effective pick up line to my knowledge.

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