Kegel Cram

Ever pull an all-nighter?

I’m kind of doing that now. See, I kind of fell off the wagon in my quest for the world’s strongest pelvic floor after I got that annoying cough that pretty-much lasted a whole trimester and made me wet my pants pretty much every time I moved or squeezed or coughed or laughed. Before that, I was doing squats and relaxing my PF (pelvic floor) when I breathed in, and contracted as I exhaled. I was doing at least 15 minutes of extra pf exercise when I put Cakie to bed and sat in the dark of his room while he dozed off. I would do them in the car and on the toilet. While I did a read-aloud at school. While I posted to my blog. I was a pelvic floor jock.

Now?  Not so much. And now is when I need it most because I have a feeling I am about to pull (or tear) some muscles.

my toenails and my belly

I have purple toe nails. And that blue lump is Trucker.  Can you spy my cat’s tail in the background?  He somehow manages to get into every picture I take, it seems.  He’s just that big a cat.

I got my purple nails yesterday. I was given two mani-pedi gift certificates at my shower. So while I was getting the toenails done, and the fingernails…you got it. For the whole hour and a half I was cramming for my kegel exam. In fact, I’m doing them right now! And when you go out and someday buy my book, and you read the TTC chapter, just think, this chapter was built on kegels.

It is strange to do kegels when someone’s head is lodged in your pelvis. I feel like I’m squeezing his head. Maybe that’s why he keeps getting the hiccups.



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3 responses to “Kegel Cram

  1. i heard the hiccups were for lung health. the lad is learning how to breathe air.

    i’m hoping there is no muscle pulling or tearing involved, btw. come on out trucker!

  2. Heather

    I can’t believe how close things are! I went through and was rereading some of your posts during the TTC journey – I am just so happy for your family!

    btw – I still do kegels lol – I guess it is just a habit from my first pregnancy – gasp – 13 years ago!

  3. Apparently pelvic floor health is really important, even for guys. If men do pf work, they can possibly prevent prostate trouble.

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