Favorable Conditions

I saw my midwife again yesterday. This time my honey came, which is good because my honey remembers stuff and I don’t. I asked her about perenial massage. She said that they usually don’t suggest it. They prefer that I be very conscious, while doing kegels and pelvic floor stuff of how I release, not just contract. That way, when I need to release, I’ll be aware of what I’m doing. That’s all good, because perenial massage sounds like about the kind of massage I would least like to have, frankly.

She did an internal exam and said, “You are about 75% effaced (!) and your cervix is still closed…no, wait, my finger just slipped in!” So I’m a teeny weeny bit dilated. Less than a cm. Then she had some blood on her finger and said, “No, that’s not your bloody show. It is from my finger.” But when I got home, it sure looked like a bloody show to me. She’s the professional, so I’ll take her word for it. Then she smiled and said, “You look favorable. Everything looks good.” And I’ve hung on that word, favorable ever since.

I still feel calm and ready. I still want to see that damn movie. I think, as I have thought for some time, that he might actually come a little early.



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6 responses to “Favorable Conditions

  1. Congrats on the good visit! I am so happy your midwife said no need for perenial massage. GF and I have tried it a few times and it stings like crazy!!!! The book _The Birth Partner_ is so emphatic about it, we thought we’d better try. But I’m taking this and running with it. Thanks!

  2. Favorable is a wonderful word. I hope you keep staying calm and I am sure you are ready. 75% effaced definitely warrants an explanation mark.

  3. Oh my goodness! I’m getting so excited for you! Keeping the calm for you. xoox

  4. vee

    Eugh! She put her bloody finger into your cervix? That’s not nice!

  5. No, no no! That was my blood. Eeew. Gross.

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