This is what my belly looks like at 37 weeks.  Big, eh?

I’ve had a change in heart regarding this little chap in my uterus.  I wanted him to come early.  Right away, if possible.  Now that I’ve had a few days off, I remember what a joy summering can be.  I am a professional summerer.  My first day off I slipped right into summer mode like a kid jumping on a bike.  I am happy and relaxed.  I could use a few more weeks of this.  Now, I don’t want Trucker to come late.  I want to birth in the birthing center at my hospital, which means he needs to come before 41 weeks.  So, I hope he does.  But as for me hoping he comes a little early… nah!  I’m having a blast with him close and wiggling and letting me sleep at night.  I have a book to write and movies to see and beaches on which to bury my belly in the sand and snooze on my belly like a normal person and books to read and nights to sleep through (besides having to wake up to lift my belly with my hands so I can roll over.) I like being pregnant and I know this is pretty much my last chance to be so.  So why rush?



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6 responses to “Term!

  1. wow! the belly is huge. it almost looks a little fake – i’m amazed by pregnant bellys btw, it’s amazing how the body stretches and supports growth. truly amazing!

    well, i’m hoping that the baby will be here in good timing.

  2. sn

    my very wise midwife told me that the last couple weeks of pregnancy are a brief and precious time, and that i should enjoy my last days with my partner while it’s just the two of us. that lens has totally transformed the way i experience the bloaty-feet, cumbersome-body discomforts of the end of pregnancy, and it’s awesome. looks like you came to that balance on your own…wise, wise woman. have fun!

  3. I didn’t even think of that… it is the last few weeks of Cakie being an only child. Although we already have to tell him to stop hitting his little brother. He is getting well-spoiled right now, I have to say. I’m also trying not to think too much about the due date, which is hard when strangers ask you about it every ten seconds.

  4. You look beautiful! Enjoy these last few weeks!
    I was out in Prospect Park this last weekend–which I believe from some of your references there’s a good chance you are in the Slope–and every time I saw a heavily pregnant woman with her gf, I thought…is that her??!!

  5. Travelher —
    If the pregnant one had wild red hair and the not pregnant one had long dreds, and the cutest two-year-old in Brooklyn was tripping along at their side, that would be me.

    We don’t live in the Slope, but we live close.

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