The New Girl

Sparky’s here! Sparky’s here! Sparky’s finally here!

Trucker is so excited, he’s kicking and biting my cervix and doing a crazy dance in my uterus. He’s making me all crampy and tight. Oye, kid. You’re not term until tomorrow, so ease up. Maybe you can meet her one day…

Big ups to the fambly grrls for their newest fambly member and their home birth. You rock!

BTW — now that I’m home nesting and writing my book, y’all might be cursed with more than one post a day from me. What can I say? My honey’s at work. And I like you people.



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2 responses to “The New Girl

  1. Just wanted to say that (a) I love the Morrissey onesie–must get one of those. (b) I think I’ll get one with Siouxie and the Banshees as well (c) organizing things relaxes me, so if it’s working, keep it up (d) I might know some people for your book, but I think they are all ‘trying at the same time’.

    Good luck with the relaxing!

  2. I hope relaxing is going well. We like you too, so don’t worry about posting too much. And Trucker hold on in there for a little bit – You have a good thing going on.

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