Wack Wack Waddle Waddle

I went for a waddle today.

I went with a friend whose due date is tomorrow. We actually waddled all around the pond, come to think of it. We should have quacked, too.

On the way out of the park, a guy hung half his body out of his car and yelled, “Hey! Hey! Good luck! My wife is going through the same thing! TWINS!”

When I relayed this tidbit later to my friend, Gwen — new mother to twin girls, she said, “You should have pointed at him and said, NO! Good luck to you! I have seen this twin thing. Good luck, sir.”

I just have a little question about my book to add… are you or anyone you know trying to get pregnant by taking turns by cycle? Not trying to get pregnant at the very same time, but taking turns on a month-to month basis? Please hook me up if you know someone in this situation.




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