Relaxin (not)

I’ve been having fun with the present from my brother. Though I have made only one firm decision. That was a no-brainer. He will be the son and the heir, after all…

This is my first day of doing nothing. Friday, my honey and I had to take a mandatory class at the hospital in order to use the birthing center. This weekend we went to my cousin’s lake house in western Mass. I’ve been going there since I was three, so it was quite a thrill to bring my own almost-three-year-old to the place we call “camp.” I didn’t bring the computer, if only to prove to myself that I could indeed survive a few days without blogging. I’m still alive. But a little out of sorts, frankly. I love my invisible friends. You are such good listeners.

So here’s the thing… I suck at relaxing. Yesterday should have been my first day of relaxation. I took the car to the shop ($750… eek!); went to a midwife appointment;
hung out with very cool newborn and very cool newmom and begrudgingly accepting chihuahuas for a little while, then worked my last food coop shift before my coop maternity leave. I got home at 7 pm. I didn’t relax much. Apparently my body is currently overflowing with a chemical called “relaxin” which is supposively “relaxin” my muscles and joints and whatnot to prepare for birth. So why isn’t it helping out my brain?

This morning i have forced myself to stay in the house, at least. But I have these goals… I need to send thank-you cards. (I wrote 11.) I need to go through Cakie’s closet and organize his clothes. I need to finish writing a sample chapter of my book to send off to editors so they publish it, and don’t think I’m a slacker, and you folks can read it. And I feel the need to do all of those things at the same time.

Is this nesting? Or psychosis?



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10 responses to “Relaxin (not)

  1. I love that onesie. Your invisible friends love you right back. It is great that you are close to finishing a chapter of your book. We are still avialable if you need us too, by the way. I am looking forward to reading it. I hope you do tons of relaxing today.

  2. Update: I decided to try to attack my son’s closet. Now there are clothes all over his room in semi-organized piles and I have no idea how to store them and I’m tired. Help!

  3. reproducinggenius

    Oh my god. I love the onesie.

    It sounds like you are starting to do some serious nesting. Who knows, maybe you’ll find all of the organizing and getting things done relaxing in some way; or perhaps it will wear you out so that you’ll be forced to relax. But I understand that desire to take it all on at once.

  4. Pauline

    Morrissey is playing here in Dublin on June 28th — when’s your due date again?

  5. July 11, but that is funny… I had previously decided that the baby is coming on June 28. Don’t ask me why. I might have to reconsider the name we chose for him if he comes to us on the same day Morrissey plays Dublin.

    BTW- we just opened your gift today. Cakie loved the harp card and walked around the house “strumming” it.
    I dig the cloud book. And the chocolate. xxoo!

  6. sn

    wow, you are so much more motivated than me! i am so impressed. my nesting is much more lazy and beached whale-y. i love that there is such thing as food coop maternity leave…further adds to the fascinating drama of the place.

  7. j

    How much do I love that?
    For years I have dreamed of having a boy to name “Steven Patrick.” Amazingly, my wife does not get this.

  8. I looove that Moz onesie. I think I need it!

  9. Pauline

    Yes, Morrissey would be a nice name, even for a middle name.

    My friend’s sister had a baby boy this past Monday, June 16th, Bloomsday, and incredibly, my suggestions to name the child Leopold or Ulysses or at least James or Séamus have gone unheeded! The poor little thing doesn’t even have a name yet — they’re apparently very loosey goosey here in Ireland about deadlines for filing the birth certificate….

    Remember coming to visit me here years ago, and then writing a poem about us getting lost?

    Glad you’re enjoying the presents. I’ll tell Lenore you like the cloud book.

  10. One can’t get lost in Dublin without writing a poem.

    Tell your friend I second the notion for Leopold. The proper response should be, “Yes, she said. Yes, I will. Yes.”

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