The Cool and the So NOT Cool

The Cool:

My friends threw me a shower. Here’s what I learned about my friends. They are a crafty, crafty bunch. I received several hand-made gifts including two hand-knit sweaters and a beautiful quilt/blanket thing which I’m going to hang on the wall. The quilt was from my brother’s girlfriend and they also gave me $50 toward an purchase… which is crafty by proxy. Several people also made hand-made cards. My co-worker’s teen-aged daughter who adores Cakie made a water-color card with a picture of Cakie looking into a bassinet with the baby inside and my big fat cat in front. Cakie’s best friend, also a two-year-old dictated a card that reads like this: Dear Baby, I will give you this card with stickers on it. When you come out I will meet you with balloons. Love, M We’re considering framing that one. We also got a $150 gift certificate for diapers from Gwen. Wahoo! My honey even got me a present… two presents: a pair of Keen shoes I’ve been coveting for over a year adn a beautiful necklace. Alli, who threw the shower along with Gwen, got us an awesome Kelty backpack which is both a backpack and a baby carrier with a very sturdy frame. We’ll get to hike!!! I miss hiking so much. Inside the backpack, Alli and Gwen had arranged for all of our friends to donate “helping out the new moms” gifts. So we now have several standing offers of babysitting and even over-nights for Cake. This time around, I will definitely take people up on it. My mom came up from Florida, her cousin drove down from Boston (so did Alli with 8-month-old baby A in tow), and my step-mom drove up from Philly. It was all very sweet. The weather was rather uncooperative, being a whopping 90-something degrees. But Kris, at whose house it was held, was ingenious and arranged to share their backyard with their neighbors and put a sprinkler on in the neighbors’ yard, so all of the toddlers were gleefully occupied and happy during the party. I would list all of my wonderful presents, but you would get jealous. A big warm, but in a comfortable, air-conditioned way, thanks to Alli, Gwen and Kris for providing me with the bash.

Speaking of comfortable and air-conditioned… here’s the so NOT cool:

The Department of Education forcing women, children and a spattering of men to work in un-airconditioned buildings in 100 degree weather. All I can say is, hydrated or not, I nearly died yesterday and I can’t believe that I have to go back to my fourth-floor classroom and do it again today. It is not for the benefit of the children, for sure, because they were not exactly happy campers, either. When they are setting up cooling centers around the city, they should not force students and teachers to sit in sweltering classrooms. There should be heat days as well as snow days. There. I’ve said it. That said… I only have two and a half days of work left, so I’m just going to push through it.


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One response to “The Cool and the So NOT Cool

  1. Wow, sounds like you have some very cool friends!! Your honey sounds pretty sweet too!!

    And….working in that heat is DEFINITELY not cool. You are in my thoughts – I know that’s not easy!!!

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