I met with my midwife today. I told her about how I freaked out at work because I got all crampy and my back started to hurt and I thought I might be going into pre-term labor. She said I was probably dehydrated. BUT I DRANK WATER WITH ELECTROLYTES ALL DAY! (I tried not to yell.) I probably just said it with an exasperated tone. She said when it is this hot, it is almost impossible to keep hydrated. Oye.

She wrote me a note stating that my last day of work should be June 12. I’m pretty sure I heard angels singing.

She took my strep-b test, which involved my feet up in stirrups. While I was up there, she asked if I wanted a cervical exam. Why the heck not? I’m up on the saddle! So she poked around and said that his head was really far down. And my cervix is very soft, but not dilated. Which is good. She said that she probably couldn’t tell that he was head down because his head is so far down that she couldn’t feel it! I also asked her to estimate his size. She made no guarantees, but she said he’s probably in the fives, which means if I go for another month, he’ll probably be in the sevens, which is normal. I was 8lbs, 13 oz at birth. I’m rooting for a more humane size. Ok.

While I was putting my skirt back on she said, “I have a feeling this birth is going to go well for you. I’m not predicting an early birth, I just think things will go well.” “What makes you think that?” I asked. “I just have a feeling. Everything looks good.”

Hmmm. Have I mentioned that I love my midwife? She at least knows how to make me feel calm.



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8 responses to “Midwifey

  1. your midwife and my midwife must be bffs.

  2. erin

    oh oh oh! add mine to the list. i had one internal during the entire pregnancy and she said “wow, you’ll tolerate labor really well. i can always tell based on how women do with internals this late in the game.” can i tell you how much that meant to me? i clung to her words the last month. and she was right. labor wasn’t that bad 🙂 good luck and no early babies!

  3. She sounds perfect, and like she tells you just what you need to hear.

  4. She’s better than any therapist I know! Glad you’re about done with work. Celebrate proper with daytime tv and breakfast all day long.

    Sending comfortable cool-down-your-weather thoughts. Much love. ox

  5. Heather

    I am so glad things are looking good – not too much longer 🙂

  6. well, hot damn. the last day was today!!! congrats girl!

  7. plump

    Schools out! Yay for being done with work. Indulge for the days between now and the big arrival.

  8. She sounds awesome! I hope she’s right.
    If you wouldn’t mind PMing me her name and info, I’d love to add her to my file since you seem to be so happy with her. Thanks!

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