This pregnancy has been fairly easy.  I got constipated once.  I got sick about three times, but never vomited… and I knew it was because I ate sugar in my first trimester.  I haven’t even gained much weight.  Probably the most difficult thing has been climbing the stairs at work and not being able to roughhouse with my son.

I’m in the third trimester now.  Weird things are happening.  The weirdest is this pushing Trucker’s doing inside me.  This gets a little graphic, but I feel the need to explain it to a bunch of strangers, so let me at it.  I’m 35 weeks along.  That means for me, his “due date” is two-to-eight weeks from now.  I think the idea of one specific date on which the child should (?) be born is ridiculous.  So I’ll be expecting him anytime from when he hits full-term at 37 weeks, to two weeks beyond my due date (that date theoretically being July 11).  So he can arrive any time between June 20 and July 24.  Just not on July 21, because that’s my birthday.  And that’s just not allowed.

Here’s the thing.  He pushes down on my cervix as if to say, “Hey lady, let me outta here.  I’m squished.”  And it hurts.  Not unlike a tenaculum, but a lot less ouchy because his head isn’t so very pointy.  Nonetheless, I don’t know how to deal with unexpected cervical bonking.   He’s doing it right now!  Oye.  So I think people think I’m a weirdo because I’ll be in mid-sentence and then make a terrible face and then finish the sentence.

Anyway.  I had to share.  It always makes me feel better to share my pain.  🙂  Thanks for listening.Tomorrow I’ll give you the run-down on the lovely shower my friends threw for me today.



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5 responses to “Discomfort

  1. exactly! those are the “cervical bites” i’ve been raving about. it’s funky not fun. sparky is doing it to me as i write this.


  2. im glad to hear you describe this because sometimes i feel like suki-dot kicks my cervix.

  3. nelly

    word of advice: don’t “expect” him at 37 weeks. because then, if you go to 42, you’re going to feel five weeks overdue!!!!

  4. Not only do we have the same due date, we have like identical pregnancies. Weird cervix stuff. However, now I have the back pain – killer.
    Shall we race to the end 😉

  5. alli k

    I think the cervix thing happens a lot, but a lot of people don’t talk about it. That is my 100% un-scientific assessment.

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