Who Is This Braxton Person…

…and how does she know Hicks?

I had my class picnic today.  The parents were very helpful.  The kids were fairly well-behaved.  Nobody got hurt.

In the middle of it all, I had my first Braxton-Hicks contractions.

People, I have to tell you that these things are weird.  I’ve been trying to think of a good comparison all day and I think I have it.  You know when a balloon is a few days old?  And you touch it with your finger?  And the rubber part of the balloon tightens around your finger as you touch it?  The balloon is your belly.  The finger is gigantic and invisible and pressing on the top of your belly balloon.  That’s the best I can do.

Meanwhile, down below, Niamaya demanded that I eat two helpings of B&J’s everything but the elipses ice cream this evening.  Now he’s doing some kind of crazy cha cha acrobatics in my abdomen.  I’ve been crampy for several days, like menstrual crampy.  The midwife said that perhaps his head is ripening my cervix.  I freaking hope so… I was getting very comfortable in this no period and/or symptoms phase of my life.  I don’t need to feel like I need to take an Advi1 when I can’t freaking take an Avi1.  Tomorrow I perhaps will get my ultrasound and see Trucker in all his better-be-head-down glory.

I didn’t know that June 2 was blogging for Gay (fill in the blanks) families day, but I think I did an ok job by putting governor Patterson’s little speech up there.  My honey and I are holding out for a New York wedding.  I hope it happens before Niamaya is in college.


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One response to “Who Is This Braxton Person…

  1. reproducinggenius

    It sounds like Mr. Niamaya Trucker is getting ready indeed! Very cool.

    My best prediction is that you will be able to get married quite soon. California and New York seem to be on the same page with these things a lot of the time. It’s not going to be long at all now, and just think: your little guys will get to see it happen.

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