It’s Like an A on a Test, Right?

I went for my look-see with my midwife today.

She squished and squeezed and said, “Yeah, this is a tough one.”

Then she squished and squeezed again and said that the round hard bit by my pelvis feels a lot like a head, and the round hard bit above my belly feels very butt-like.

She couldn’t be 100% sure, but she is about 97% sure that this baby’s head is in my pelvis… and he’s (as we used to say about dearly departed cat when she was annnoyed and showing us her tush in protest) he’s “giving me the butt” with his other side.   To clear up that other 3% of doubt, she’s going to try to squeeze me in for an ultrasound later in the week.  Whew.

I am 97% relieved.



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5 responses to “It’s Like an A on a Test, Right?

  1. alli k

    Demand the ultra-sound if they are not able to “squeeze you in”. There is a lot to dislike about the standard of practice in high-end OB care in the U.S., but the ultrasound is far superior to the old-fashioned method of sussing out where the baby is, and eliminating that 3% of doubt will be 100% good for you.

  2. I was not thrilled with my old OB when she did an ultrasound on every visit. That said, I really want one now. Plus, I miss seeing my little Niamaya Trucker.

  3. alli k

    I loved the ultrasounds. I found them reassuring (except for one where there was a minor scare; I was lucky enough to not have any material issues surface from the rest of the them).

  4. Co

    Glad you’re 97% relieved.

    And Niamaya, why are you giving your moms the butt? (Actually, I guess that’s better than having his spine against your spine as you approach labor…)

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