We had a great weekend away. The best part was the uninterrupted sleep we both got. Yes, I still woke up at 4:30 to pee. But somehow it felt better when not instigated by my cat. I won’t bore you with the details. There’s only so much a eight-month-pregnant woman can (or has the energy to) do. Sitting by a bubbling brook with my honey and a book and the mountains in the background was enough.

Now for the big news. This is better late than never, I think. Poor little no-name fetus acquired two nicknames in one weekend!

We got a phone call from my honey’s eighteen-year-old niece who had just been told about her upcoming cousin. (Lame, oh, brother-out-law, lame-o-rama!) She was very excited that he is going to be a boy. Why? Because we can name him Niamaya. Uh. No. Actually, we can’t. But then I told my honey to tell the niecey that she can call him Niamaya until he’s born. She was thrilled. So was I. I called him Niamaya all day.

When we came home to a very happy and thoroughly spoiled by grandma and uncle S son, I told them about the nickname. Apparently my brother and his girlfriend already have a nickname for him: trucker. Why? Because little kids truck around. Ok.

So he has two nicknames. My mom tried to call him “Flipper” today because we want him to flip to be head down, but I told her that that one is already taken.

I’m happy to be home. I have that weird tiredness one does not ever expect, but inevitably gets upon returning home from a vacation.

I need to put some jammy jams on a little boy about now. Later.



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3 responses to “Nicknames

  1. sn

    flip, niamaya, flip! flip, trucker, flip!

  2. Gotta love the diversity of nicknames! I’m so excited it’s getting so close! Then maybe we get to find out his real name? Sending vibes to flip. xo

  3. Co

    Thanks for respecting Flipper’s nickname.

    Funny story.

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