Wish You Were Here!

The man of mystery, his mama and I are off for the weekend to the mountains for mocktails and prenatal massage and pretty views of mountains.

I had a lovely evening with my lady friends tonight.  There were a crazy amount of pregnant lesbian couples all in one room tonight.  Crazy.  And a few new mommies, to boot.  I got to hold two newborns.  They are very entertaining, those newborns.

I just wanted to thank the pregnant lesbian families for listening to me complain about how tired I am. And for giving me turning stories and suggestions. And for putting their feet up, too.  And for the co-moms who fetched food and drinks for me.  And…it was just so nice to be so pregnant with other women who were also grunting when they tried to stand up and rubbing their baby bumps and commiserating about the weird movement pains, etc.  If you’re a pregnant lesbian, I highly recommend getting into a room with as many other pregnant lesbians as possible.


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One response to “Wish You Were Here!

  1. reproducinggenius

    Have a lovely and restful weekend away! Your plans sound divine!

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