Baby Gift

I’ve been going to my prenatal yoga class since I was five weeks pregnant. (Aka, one week after my positive pregnancy test.) I love my teacher, who is also a doula, as well as her business partner who often tells you to use your abdominal muscles to “hug your baby.”

We weren’t sure what to do about a birthing class, since I’ve already been through my honey’s whole class. So we opted for a one-day workshop by my yoga teachers on yoga positions for labor. That’s what I remember least from our birthing class anyway. We took the class last week. It was pretty good, but my teacher who is a doula couldn’t attend because she was attending a birth. It also wasn’t in Brooklyn, which…I’m very provincial. Everything seems better in Brooklyn. The one in Manhattan is two separate parts, one day for birthing positions and one day for post-partum recovery. I was really interested in the post-partum portion of the workshop, but we’ll be living it up in the Catskills during the second part, so I was also missing that.

During class today, I started thinking… maybe I should take it again. It is so close to my due date, that I could actually already be postpartum by then. But I asked my teacher about it. After everyone else left, I was still there gabbing away (true to form) and she said, “Please come to the class as our guest. Since you’ve already paid for it, you can come for free. We’d love to have you.”

Now that is a baby gift!


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  1. I’d love it if you can share the information of your birthing class and doulas…I’m not quite there yet but it would be great to have it.
    There don’t seem to be too many NYC TTC bloggers out there to converse with.


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