Turn, Turn, Turn

At my last midwife appointment, on the same day as “The View– Lesbo Style,” I was told that my fetus is no longer head down. He was head up. Head in the clouds. Like some people I know.

I was only 31 weeks. The midwife said I didn’t need to worry yet, but I could try acupuncture or some chiropractors do a technique called “The Webster” to turn breech babies. Or I could do the pelvic tilt — that makes you goooo in-sayayayayain. But he’d probably turn before I needed to worry about it.

Being given the choice to worry or not is problematic for me. I tend to the worrywart side, but that said, it did seem a little early to be calling my chiropractor. I tried the pelvic tilt a few times. I also tried some other things in a list I found on the internet. Positive visualization was top on this list. I’m sorry, but if positive visualization worked for my nether regions, I would have gotten pregnant eleven tries earlier than I did. I have that visualization of egg meeting sperm so fried into my brain that I think it burnt a few neurons and now I see an after-shadow. Has that stopped me from imagining my littlebaby doing a fetal sommersault? No. Do I believe it will help? No. I feel vaguely silly doing anything, since as she said, he could just turn on his own.

Tomorrow I’ll be 33 weeks along. She told me at 34 weeks, we would need to get more proactive. Do I start worrying now? Should I go further and coax the little guy down with classical music and a flashlight and my partner’s voice as spoken through a paper towel tube to my pelvis? Put ice on the top of my bump to scare him away? Do I really want to scare littlebaby while he’s still inside? And what happens if he already turned? Will he turn back around? (My yoga teacher says no, but I’m not convinced.)

I do think he might actually be turning right now. I felt something like toes go up my left side. That fluttery feeling has only occured in my plevic region thus far. And I keep feeling movements that almost hurt. Like he’s stretching after a long nap. Maybe? My next appointment is on Tuesday. Until then, I think I’ll try to remain calm.



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5 responses to “Turn, Turn, Turn

  1. It’s getting closer! Don’t worry too much!!
    Everything will be just fine!

  2. wow! a lot of those recomendations seem a bit intense! none the less, i hope playing music in the pelvic region helps… the chart toping hit by the Byrds could do the trick! good luck…

  3. nelly

    p was the same – i’m gonna email you….

  4. I could tell which the baby was due to the kicks to the upper parts of my belly. I hardly ever felt anything down low except for maybe some hands opening and closing.

    Now I feel the hiccups low and it feels like the baby is jumping!

    Of course, when she gets the extreme hiccups her whole body jumps!

    Right now…I can feel her butt stretching up right under my ribs and her legs kicking my sides.

    The fun never ends!

  5. Shawna, you’re skilled! Most of the movement down low has died down. Now it is mostly in the middle, so what the heck does that mean?

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