You Get a Pull-Up!

My two-year-old has a very two-year-old habit of occasionally talking back. In other words, if you say, “Cakie, I need you to calm down.” He might snap back, “You calm down!” Nice, right?

So the other day, I was suggesting he get some clothes on his naked body while at Gwen, our neighbor’s house.

He and Gwen’s son, his buddy Hymen, like to splash in the bath together on occasion.

So I said, “Get your pull-up on, then your jammie jams, ok?”

He replied, “No, you put your pull-up on!”

I thought about how well he poops in the potty, but prefers to pee in a pull-up most of the time. So I said, “Mommy doesn’t need a pull-up because she goes to the potty every time she has to pee. You won’t need a pull-up when you do that, either.”


Then Gwen and I looked at each other.

She smirked.

I got a clear mental image of the bowling ball bouncing on my bladder every time I cough.

“Maybe,” I whispered to Gwen,  “mommy does need a pull-up.”



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5 responses to “You Get a Pull-Up!

  1. alli k

    aren’t you the one who told me about “travel panties”?

  2. what is it about our kids pooping in the toilet but preferring to pee in a diaper? That’s so opposite to all the other kids. Drives me nuts because it’s SO CLOSE to being trained. And so far.

  3. Ha! Never a dull moment with that kid.

  4. Ha! Never a dull moment with that kid.

  5. Chic–
    At least we don’t have to change any poopie diapers! Or have any poopie accidents (or maybe less often)? I know Cakie does it because he is a neat freak and is happy to flush that poop away, but the pee apparently is not a problem for him. Daycare lady says we just need to keep him in underware and he’ll figure it out. Hmmmm. I told her to go for it! —ohm

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