30 Weeks

How did this happen?

In 7 to 12 weeks, I will be a mother of two.

I will be trying to breastfeed Cakie’s little brother.

I will be nursing post-partum wounds, as well.

I will no longer be the main attraction.

I will be even more tired than I am today. Which is pretty tired. Pretty feeling-like-the-first-trimester tired.

We went out for lunch with a friend at a cafe. We walked home. I took a two-hour nap. That’s all I did today and I am BEAT.

I will also be pretty darned pleased with myself.

Here’s my 30 week belly:

Cakie was hilarious when I took the picture. He said, “Oh no! Your belly. What happened? It’s so big.” (I was pretty sure he’d taken in this information already.)

“That’s because your baby brother is in there.”

“When will it get small?”

“When the baby comes out it will get smaller. [I hope.] But first it will get bigger.”

“Oh, no.”

Then he took my belly button between his fingers and squeezed it shut like a smiley face.

“Dare. Dat’s all better.”

I have happily decided to take the last two weeks off from school. I have 37 sick days to use (who knew?), and taking that time off will only amount to 9 days. So I’m psyched. This means I have six weeks left to work. Hopefully, the bambino won’t come right away, so I can spend a good chunk of time working on my book and sorting out Cakie’s clothes before the big event.

I’ve even received a few baby presents! One of my students gave me three little outfits. So cute! And my mom is going to buy me this fly stroller. Except she was going to buy it when it was on sale. And I missed the sale. I was lamenting this to a friend who called just as I found out about my lame-a-tude for missing the sale. She offered to make up the difference. I know it seems like a lot to spend on a stroller, but New York is different. Plus, so many people here buy $1,000 strollers that this seems downright thrifty.



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6 responses to “30 Weeks

  1. my belly greets your belly with a hardy handshake. looking fantastic!

  2. We have the same Phil and Ted stroller that you want – in green. We got it at MyStroller.com

    They are right in Brooklyn too and really nice to work with.

    We got ours for $399.00 and that included the double seat.

    You might want to call and see if they’ll cut you a deal if you pick it up?

    One thing about the stroller – it’s a monster and weighs a lot! Not a good NYC subway stroller – but perfect for the park, zoo, or neighborhood.

  3. Ugh. I missed the sale there, too. Thanks for looking out, though.

  4. nelly

    bellybellybellybelly!!! i love it!

  5. Awesome possum post. I love Cakie and his worry for you and your belly. I love the belly. I love the weeks off! How do you have that many sick days?! You should call in “sick” more often. Hope the book goes well. Angi’s still up for an interview if you need it.


  6. alli k

    new york is totally different. you are a miser getting that stroller.

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